CALL OF DUTY: Season 9 Patch Note

    AS the wait finally comes to an end, it is time we take a look at the official patch notes. 

  New Seasonal Event Rewards;

1: New challenges and missions for free epic characters and weapons!

2: New Lethal equipment: Thermite. Sticks to any surface and burns over time upon impact 

3: New Soldier: Nikolai Belinski

4: New Epic blueprints: MSMC - Rosie, ICR -1- Retro Nuclear 

5: New Perk Amped - Take advantage of faster primary weapons swap and launcher reload speed (excluding swapping to pistol and melee) 

   Multiplayer Mode Ranked Reward;

1: New epic blueprint: QQ9- Eye Candy 

2: New epic frame: Bomber Frame

3: New Charm: Submarine

  Battle Royale Mode Ranked Reward;

1: New Epic Character - Undead Warden 

2: New Emote and Calling Card

  10 vs 10 Mode;

1: Avaliable for Team Death Match , Domination

2: Avaliable on Shipment, Takeoff, Meltdown, Crossfire.




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