John McAfee: Coronavirus is a government scheme, grab your guns

The government tricks you. The pandemic is a hoax spread by the media of false news, and if you care for your future, go out and buy guns.

Between evil laughs and grim chucklings during COVID-19 last night at Virtual Blockchain Week, the tech guru, tax fugitive, and general wild man shared his questionable views on the "state of the world."

“We are living in a paradigm the world has never seen before,” the 74-year-old crypto advocate and antivirus-software pioneer said, speaking from God knows where. (He’s kept his whereabouts a secret since fleeing Belize in 2012 after suspicions grew that he killed his neighbour.)

As far as the threat of COVID19, McAfee thinks the number of deaths are skewed because they are presented out of context. It is certainly not worth shutting down entire economies, he believes.  


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